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Phone: 07942 641 986 

Hearing Choices UK

Because Quality of Life Means Everything

Call to book your appointment 

07942 641 986

Why Choose Hearing Choices UK?

 Lisa Summersell has 16 years of experience in making lives better by helping people all over the UK hear better. 

Lisa offers competitive rates and you can either visit her in the King's Sutton Memorial Hall or she can offer a home visit service for hearing tests or wax removal in the Banbury and surrounding areas.

As an independent hearing care provider, Lisa can offer a wide range of hearing aids from different manufacturers, making sure she gets the right solution for you.   Together with an excellent aftercare service, you can be assured you will be able to confidently hear things you have been missing for years.

We Listen

Finding a solution to your hearing problems is a journey that needs to be tailored to your needs and lifestyle. 

We listen to you and find a solution that will make you hear clearly and improve your quality of life.

We Care

Hearing problems can make you feel very isolated. We ensure that we offer a complimentary aftercare package that includes earwax removal and appointments to ensure the highest standards of hearing care and customer service at every step of your hearing journey.

We Get Results

Our hearing aids can help you hear long forgotten sounds such as hearing birds singing, hearing the TV clearly and enabling you to hear in challenging situations such as a noisy pub or restaurant. We change lives and allow you to interact in the world again without feeling embarrassed or left out.